16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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2019-2021 President’s Message

Dear respected all general and life members of NASeA along with all well-wishers community Members NASeA region and beyond


First of all, let me take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you all for electing me as President of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) for the term of 2019-2021.   I am truly honored by the trust you have instilled in me and I am very much excited to work with you all together for the betterment of our community .I am thrilled with this opportunity to work with such a team of excellence and the great group of elected members and officers from various states of America.

I would also like to thank all those who have contested in the election for various positions of this glorious organization NASeA. Election is the only process to form a required committee in any organization where all of us were trying to serve the same organization under the same norms and values of the same bylaws. Now I am in awe of your tireless efforts, hope with some expectations and betterment for our communities.

I, along with my newly elected team have embarked on a beautiful journey of selfless service to the community under the  vision of NASeA.We all know that NASeA is  a great organization  of Nepalese diaspora in Southeast America and beyond . As per the concerns and expectations of all respected members of NASeA, I have begun working to make this organization more inclusive, transparent, effective, dynamic and modern throughout my tenure. I am always eager to listen your questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas. I do pledge to continue to seek out and be guided by your input. You can always count on me to find innovative ways to communicate so that we can work together and help to take NASeA in next newer height.

Our policies and Programs:

To build “Better and Greater NASeA,” we will have limited but productive , result oriented and goal achievable following community programs .We would like to begin some new community oriented programs and continue all good programs of previous tenures .

  1. To run programs with state and local level organization to preserve Nepali language, arts and culture keeping Nepali school (Pataskala) on priority.
  2. To formulate and implement appropriate action plans to utilize the expertise of experts in various fields in the NASeA region to benefit the interests of Nepali and Nepal.
  3. To run a special program to honor the NASeA leaders and make the new generation more active in social work.
  4. To carry out programs related to language, culture and tradition to facilitate relations between the first generation and the second generation of Nepalese in USA to make the second generation active towardsNepal and Nepalese community.
  5. Continuing and increasing the NASeA’s emergency and other funds.
  6. To coordinate the Nepali community with the American community and conduct coordinated programs to advance the capacities / expertise of Nepalese people here in America.
  7. To coordinate with the various other international, national, regional, state and local level organizations in the United States, and to carry out programs under the leadership of NASeA to establish a unity of Nepali and Nepalese identity.
  8. Conducting special events related to sports to keep young people active and to serve our society through them.
  9. Organize a special program targeting our high school students to make them more competitive students for the enrollment in better educational institutions.
  10. Continuing the Monthly Talk Session with more experts in different fields.
  11. Continuing the blood drive program and organize the health camp in various states periodically.
  12. We have already officially endorsed “Visit Nepal 2020 “event, so we will organize some program to enhance this endorsement.

I would like to welcome all of you to be part of this historical movement that is gearing up to reach the NASeA to next level.

Thank you.

Binaya Aryal
Executive Committee
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)
Telephone: 703-855-8581
Email: binubinaya@hotmail.com