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MESSAGE from Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) – Election Commission

Chief-Election Commissioner: Shaubhagya L.Shrestha (GA)

Members: Raja Ghale (GA), Kiran “Ron” Sitoula (MD)

Call to Register for the Convention and Become a Member of

Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

By July 4, 2017

NASeA’s election for the Board of Directors and Officers will be held on September 3, 2017, during the Annual NASeA/ANMA Convention to be held in Charlotte, NC.

As per the bylaws of NASeA, only those individuals who are members of NASeA by July 4, 2017, would be eligible to contest or vote in the election.

Currently, only members of NASeA include (a) attendees at the 2016 ANMA/NASeA annual convention in St. Louis, MO (September 2-4, 2016) with payment of the full registration fees and (b) NASeA annual member (c) life members of NASeA. Please click this link to be NASeA Life Member and General Member

Anyone registering with Full package for the convention by July 4, 2017, would be immediately granted membership of NASeA without incurring additional membership fees. This  includes (a) Full Package for life member (b) Adult Registration (c) Student Registration (d) Athletes Registration Please click the joint convention link and Register

Therefore, the Election Committee encourages all individuals who are not currently members of NASeA to register for the convention and become members of NASeA by July 4, 2017, and thereby be eligible to contest or vote in the election.

As per NASeA bylaws, anyone registering for the convention after July 4, 2017, would not be eligible to contest or vote in the election to be held on September 3, 2017

Please find below the NASeA Election 2017 Timeline for term 2017-2019.


Year: 2017, Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST, Washington DC)

July 01: General call to interested public to start considering nomination of their candidacy for various open posts in NASeA to serve for the 2017-2019 term.

July 04: Deadline to register to be eligible voter. Only members who register before midnight or have post-marked dates (if mailing) will be considered eligible for further verification. Anyone registering after this deadline can participate in all other conference activities except voting for the current term candidacy.

July 09: Executive Committee of current NASeA will submit first level of verification list of eligible voters to Election Commission. Executive Committee will also submit list of voters who were removed from the list and the reasons for it to the election commission.

July 16: Election Commission will publish first draft of list of eligible voters in NASeA website.

July 22: Voters can verify their eligibility status from website and can communicate with Election Commission via email if they have any question regarding their eligibility. Individual must provide their Full Name, Address, DOB and Contact Phone so that the commission contact you if further details are required.

July 23: Final Eligible Voters list will be Published in the NASeA website.

July 29: Candidates can file nomination following the appropriate eligibility criteria for various open posts using ONLY the downloadable or fillable forms that will be posted in the NASeA website by this deadline.

August 05: Withdrawal deadline for Candidates from various posts.

August 07: Final list of contestants will be published.

September 03: Election Day. Please be prepared to produce appropriate picture identification or other forms of proofs to verify your identity. You shall be denied voting if you do not produce such proofs to the satisfaction of onsite verification team. Election time notice will be published separately.

All official communications with Election Commission including sending of verification list, filing of candidacy and questions must be via

Please do not call Election Commissioners with any personal favors or support. We are neutral and independent body. We will respond to emails in timely manner.

Thank you for your kind and sincere cooperation.

NASeA Election Commission 2017