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2021-2023 President’s Message

Respected NASeA’s Life members, yearly members and all community leaders and members,


  1. With the immense pleasure and pride, first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt sincere thanks to all life members, yearly members and well-wishers who elected me unanimously as the President of Nepalese Association in Southeast America ( NASeA ) for the tenure  of 2021-23 on 21 November 2021. I am fully honored and overwhelmingly delighted with all yours trusts, hope and confidence extended towards me to lead this beloved organization NASeA with the glorious history of more than three decades. Along with me , the entire executive committee of NASeA ( 2021-23) has been elected unanimously. I would also like to congratulate all my executive team of excellence and eagerly looking forward to working together for the betterment of our community.


  1. After the pandemic of COVID 19, this was our first in person gathering in Orlando, Florida to make the 16 th NASeA / ANMA joint convention a historically grand success . In spite of COVID 19 Pandemic, this joint convention in presence of more than 20 various organization was grand success which was jointly hosted by Nepalese Association of Florida ( NAF)  , INLS Fl Chapter , Nepali Community Center Orlando ( NCCO) , Newah Organization of America – Fl Chapter , Madhesi Association in America ( MAA) – Fl Chapter , Greater Orlando Lord Buddha  Lions Club , Orlando and NRNA NCC Fl Chapter  .I sincerely thank all these organizations  for helping to make this  entire joint convention a historically grand success . Special thanks go to all presidents and their entire team of these organizations Dr Niraj Shretha , Deep Karki , Nijananda Malla , Dr Rajendra Shakya , Prem Singh , Nijananda Malla and Bikash Devkota respectively .


  1. The theme of this joint convention “Facing the future together “ is clearly imparting the message to all of us to face any kind of opportunities or challenges together, meaning the UNITY among us in our community is the utmost important factor to be successful in any aspects in the days ahead . We are aware and clearly understood the crux of the famous proverb “United We Stand, Divided We Fall “ . 100 is always stronger than 99 and in the same way 99 is always weaker than 100. 100 is the result of full unity. We must maintain it . Any Institution or organization is intended to remain forever whereas any position or person or executive committee works for certain time / tenure only to run that institution/ organization. Such organization is the common home for all community members which must accommodate each and every one of them. So we must always enforce to make our common Home more stronger and impactful. I would again like to reiterate to fulfill my promise that I would focus to make our community United which eventually make our beloved organization NASeA stronger and more reputable.


  1. I Would like to thank the chief Guest of this joint convention officiating Ambassador of Nepal to USA His Excellency Kumar Raj Kharel for his valuable time .I would like to thank our election commission led by chief election commission Gyanendra Gadal and two commissioners Basu Phulara and Ram Krishna Wagle who had accomplished the overall election process in a fair , transparent and democratic way . ANMA former president and NRN NCC USA Midwest VP Gopendra Bhattarai deserves a big thanks as well. We are thankful to all the presidents and / or representatives of more than 20 organizations for their valuable presence , active participation and sharing their success stories with everyone . All the guidelines and suggestions of all former presidents of NASeA helped to make this successful convention. The physical participation and direct help on various activities of former presidents Raja Ghale , Dr Ram C Baral and Bimal Nepal to make this joint convention a grand success is truly appreciated. We express our sincere thanks to delegate Harry Bhandary , The Maryland General Assembly for the official citation to recognize NASeA and ANMA for the 16 years of empowering the Nepalese Diaspora in America .


  1. Every one of our actions must be guided and controlled by NASeA’s Bylaws. I and my entire executive Board assures that we will strictly uphold and implement the bylaws. I am also very much proud to have this entire team of excellence representing 9 different states with 5 female executives including various expertise and professions. To meet the expectations of all community, I would certainly focus to make NASeA more inclusive, more dynamic, transparent, effective, and praiseworthy for our community. We surely keep NASeA out of politics and always non polarized. I believe in group leadership rather than on individual leadership and always eagerly waiting to listen your valuable feedback, comments, suggestions and any kind of innovative ideas. By myself alone, I may not accomplish many thing effectively but together we can do everything perfectly. Let us work together to lift NASeA image up to a next newer height.


  1. I am fully confident that this executive committee will receive your full cooperation, help, support and suggestions all the times in the days ahead.


  1. On behalf of our newly elected executive committee, I would also like to congratulate and thank our immediate past President Binaya Aryal jee and the entire team for successfully completed their tenure even during the very difficult time of COVID 19.


  1. Let me proudly introduce my team of excellence NASeA Executive Committee ( 2021-23)


  1. President- Krishna Shrestha, FL
  2. Executive VP – Dr Niroj Basnet, GA
  3. Vice President- Satish C Gupta, SC
  4. General Secretary- Ramesh (Sangam) Baniya, TX
  5. Joint Secretary- Dr Manoj Lamichhnae , FL
  6. Treasurer – Baburam Sharma.  GA
  7. Executive member Ashish Subedi , VA
  8. Executive member Babu Subedi , NC
  9. Executive member Binita Lakandri, FL
  10. Executive member Bishal Sapkotaa , FL
  11. Executive member Dandapani Chapagai, SC
  12. Executive member Ganesh Bhattarai, SC
  13. Executive member Jhanak Thapaliya, FL
  14. Executive member Kalpana Aryal , MD
  15. Executive member Krishna Devkota, GA
  16. Executive member Manoj Rai, NC
  17. Executive member Richa Sharma, SC
  18. Executive member Sita Mainali, AL
  19. Executive member Dr Suman Silwal , AL
  20. Executive member Sunita Khatiwada, FL
  21. Executive member Sushil Paudel , TN


Proposed Objectives and Goals of this tenure ( 2021-23)  

Our executive committee assures that “Any activity we do would be community oriented,  productive, creative and qualitative “

  1. New Start Fresh  Projects 
  • Publication of the “Glorious History of NASeA “in hard copy Book.
  • NASeA’s Bylaws Amendment
  • Make a proposal to qualify NASeA for nonprofit federal or state or local government grant funding.
  • Organize a larger gathering ONE DAY event to thank and appreciate all peace corps volunteers which may help to strengthen the relationship between Nepal and USA.
  • Career Development Project – Free IT training and help in job placement for our interested community members and knowledge sharing all about the entrepreneurship/business
  • Organize the Seminar for high school junior and senior students for the preparation of College enrollment and establish a network to share and help each other.
  • Vollyball or / and Tennis friendly Tournament along with soccer tournament
  • Administrative Important Jobs 
  • Update the data base of all Life members and yearly members
  • Increase the number of subscribers of NASeA’s Google groups.
  • Implement some new ideas to increase the number of visitors for NASeA website
  • Publication of NASeA’s financial reports quarterly and Yearly tax filed copy in our website
  • Continuation of good works of previous tenures 
  • Monthly talk session
  • Publication of SHANGRI LA
  • Competitive Literary Program
  • Student Writing Contest (Essay Competition)
  • Emergency management fund
  • Membership Drive
  • Organize synchronized blood drive annually in coordination with BDA
  • Miscellaneous
  • Expansion of Adopt the Highway Program in other new cities.
  • Coordinating all Nepali Schools ( Pathshalas ) and community center in NASeA’s region .
  • Coordination with other regional, national and International organizations for the common agenda and betterment of our communities including ANMA, ANA, INLS, BDA and NRN NCC USA .
  • Establishment of continuous and regular fund-raising project.
  • Educative program on “‘Gender Inequality, Domestic Violence and Mental Health “

Note – we kindly request to all community members to send us your interest and suggestions if you want to work NASeA on any other particular issues / activities for the benefit and betterment of our community.


  1. The active participation and the direct help of president of INBDA Ajay Satyal , INLS BOT Vice Chair Padam Biswokarma, BDA IPP and chief adviser Dr Nanda Regmi , BDA Sr VP Bhusan Shrestha , BDA VP Resham Gharti , President of NAG Bhabindra Basnet , President of Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal Teeka Poudel , President of Nepali American Center, Chicago  and rep of American Society Nepalese Engineers  Dr Bishnu Phuyal ,  Former president of  American Nepalese Society Ms Bishnu Thapa , President of STAR scholars  network Dr Uttam Gaulee , Founding  president and IPP of NAF Tirtha Mali and Ms Anila Neupane respectively , NC Jana Samparka samiti President Dr Chiranjibi Bhattarai , president of Ball4all Ms Leena BASNET , president of Nepal Sports and culture center and Litterateur Sita Pandey , food committee chair Narayan Neupane , Reataurant coordinator Surya Baniya , sports committee Chair Sonam Rai, Binod Basnet , President of Bhutanese Nepali community Manorath Khanal , locals from Orlando  Bishnu Lakandri, Arati Rai , Devchandra Rai , Anita Thapa , Binita Lakandri , Amita Devkota , Sharada Malla , Swatandra shrestha, Anju Shrestha , Bimala Gurung, Ohio Sunshine Martial art Owner Kaushila Khanal , president of SOCH Anubhav Giri , the guest artist for concert Kiran Gajmer and the 5 times record holder on Guinness book of world records Parkour Dinesh Sunar and our entire outgoing and incoming executive team and many more social leaders and volunteers  are greatly appreciated.


  1. I truly appreciate the all-news coverage by Mahalaxmi and Laxman Thapa, ML Online TV, and many other online and print media .


Thank You



I can be contacted at / cell phone 5613100694

Krishna Shrestha


NASeA (2021-23)