16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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2017-2019 President’s Message


Dearest Community Members


On September 3, 2017, I was elected as a President of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) for the term of 2017-2019 term. While the task of reaching, this position is an achievement, I am aware of the arduous road that lies ahead. Thank you for believing in me, to serve to my fullest vigor of heart for the greater causes and success of the organization.

It is truly admirable to see the democratic process respected and utilized to its full extent to study a subject is one thing, to physically see it in progress is truly amazing.  I extend a thank you to the Election Committee and volunteers for their dedication. This process has taught me much about myself, and I have much to learn. 

A sincere `thank you’ is for all the voters for upholding their civic duty and responsibility, regardless of whom their vote was casted. My team will achieve much of what we promised on my platform. For instance, we will empower our youth, keep our organization non-polarized, and offer a fresh perspective, while preserving our past.

Policy and Programs:

-Expansion, preservation, and promotion of Nepalese languages, cultures, arts, music, festivities, and heritage;

-Providing dynamic services to all Nepalese in the field of immigration, residences, and basic infrastructures as a role-model-community in the USA;

-Empowering and publications of Nepalese literature via technology under the NASeA for the whole world;

-Promoting and preserving Nepalese musical arts according to the needs and interests of Nepalese community;

-Providing health missions for our mothers and children as they are our backbones; -Activities through various committees to outreach and serve our Nepalese communities in the field of education, health, businesses, religious festivities, and so forth;

-Leading as a leader but never as a subservient to other Nepalese organizations such as ANMA, ANA, NRN, INLS and so forth for the common goals of serving Nepalese people in the Americas.

– Youth Empowerment Program will be designed to encourage and develop the engagement of young adults by providing opportunities to develop skills to become better civic leaders. Programs like after-school tutoring, coaching on critical issues like youth obesity, teen tobacco use, underage drinking & access to health care, and empowering them through their relationships with local organizations, and communities are some of the high-level objectives under this initiative.

As you can see there are several mission purposes for NASeA. We will be working together to enhance the energy of Nepalese community according to the timely needs and circumstances.

Therefore, I solemnly ask your full cooperation not for me but for the prosperities of all our families and NASeA community as a whole.

Long live NASeA!


Madhav Dhakal



Executive Committee 

Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)


Telephone: 336-471-4709

Email: md_dhakal@yahoo.com