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Dear NASeA Community Members, 
NASeA Region and beyond 


It has been a very exciting first year for NASeA executive committee ( 2017-19 ) with notable quality good works. To mention a few included “Kambal” distribution ” one for one ” program for the people of Terai region effected by “Sitlahar”, help for medical treatment to renowned pop Singer of Nepal Mr. Om Bikram Bista , Establishment and implementing the NASeA Emergency fund for the cremation of our community member in North Carolina monthly talk program with His excellency Nepali Ambassador to USA Dr. Arjun K Karki, support to Nepal Center of North Carolina Inc (NCNC) to celebrate Nepal Day 2018, exhibition of typical traditional Nepalese items in North Carolina and beyond, and managing the Prahlad and Bindu Pant Scholarship award for freshman and sophomore undergraduate students , celebrating International Women’s Day with fruitful and community oriented interaction program , exhibition of solidarity and support for stopping the gun violence in America and support the campaign to attempt for the extension of TPS for Nepalese people , literature program in partnership with INLS , Georgia Chapter at Atlanta , participation in many activities of Asian/ Pacific American Council (APAC)  , publication of our online portal Shangri La on quarterly basis , publication of our various information , press release in many news media and organizing the face book live event to impart our organizational activities and  for the first time, we have come up with a tri-folder flyer with history, mission, and list of accomplishments of NASeA.

Your moral and physical support in this regard has been a tremendous booster for us. Now, our goal is to make you and family as our NASeA family and would like to request you to consider becoming a life member by September 2, 2018, and take advantage of the following discounted rates:

1. Family life membership-$250 ($50 discount from regular $300)

2. Individual life membership fee-$175 ($25 discount from regular $200)

3. If somebody is a single life member and had paid $200, he/she can add $50 for converting it to a family life member.

Application form for the membership and payment method can be found in or Check can be sent to NASeA’s Treasurer Dr. Nirmal Paudel at the following address: 2325 A Chavis Drive, Greenville, NC – 27858

Thakur Karki, PhD
Membership Drive Committee Chair

NASeA Membership Drive Tri-Fold Brochure




Submission Deadline: Tuesday, Aug 14th


The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA), Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) and Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) are announcing the annual student writing contest. The contest is open to all high school (First prize – $300, Second prize – $100 and Third prize – $50: sponsored by Mr. Kanwar Awan), middle school (First prize – $100, Second prize – $75 and Third prize – $50: sponsored by Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota and Ms. Sabina Sapkota), and elementary school (First prize – $100, Second prize – $75 and Third prize – $50: sponsored by Mr. Madhav Mainali and Ms. Sita Ghimire Mainali) students living in North America.

The goal of this contest is to increase awareness about Nepal in order to preserve our culture and heritage, make our children proud of their root, and ultimately gain a better understanding of ourselves.

For detailed information regarding guidelines, eligibility, submission date, judging committee, and judging criteria, please click on the corresponding links

Elementary School “Show and Tell Nepal” Contest (Grades 1 – 5)

Middle School Narrative Writing Contest (Grades 6 – 8)

High School Essay Contest (Grades 9 – 12)

We would like to invite all interested students to participate and play a vital role in making our effort successful. 

Dr. Sushama Pradhan
Committee Chair, Student Writing Contest, 2018
Nepali National Convention, 2018

नेपाली नेशनल कन्भेन्सन, शिकागोमा हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा

: हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा : 
सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दाजु-भाई तथा दिदी-बहिनीहरु,
उत्तरी अमेरिकामा रहेका नेपालीहरुको संस्थाहरु ‘अशोसिएसन ऑफ नेपलिज इन मिडवेष्ट अमेरिका (आन्मा)’, अशोसिएसन ऑफ नेपलिज इन साउथ इस्ट अमेरिका (नासा)’ र अशोसिएसन ऑफ नेपलिज इन द अमेरिकाज ‘ (एएनए) को आयोजनामा आगामी २०१८ अगस्ट ३१ देखि सेप्टेम्बर २ सम्म शिकागो शहरमा भब्य नेपाली नेशनल कन्भेन्सन हुदैछ। 
प्रवाश मा नेपाली पहिचानको स्थापना तथा अधिकारको रक्षा अनि मातृ-भूमी को दु:ख-सुखमा सहभागी हुने पवित्र उद्देश्य का साथ झन्डै ३५ बर्ष अघि स्थापित यी संस्थाहरुले स्थापना काल देखि नै क्यानाडा तथा उत्तरी अमेरिका मा रास्ट्रिय तथा क्षेत्रीय रुपमा नेपालीहरुलाई आफ्नो उदेश्य अनुसार बिभिन्न गतिविधिहरु मा साथ माग्दै, साथ दिदै आएको कुरा छर्लंग नै छ। 
नेपाली नेशनल कन्भेन्सन, शिकागो भव्यता पूर्वक मनाउने हाम्रो तयारी लगभग अन्तिम अवस्था मा पुगेको छ। हरेक बर्ग, धर्म, उमेर र सबै खाले इच्छा-चाहना सबैलाई समेट्न सकु भनेर धेरै थरी का कार्यक्रमहरु को आयोजना गर्न गइरहेका छौ। बिभिन्न पत्र-पत्रिका, कार्यक्रम तथा सामाजिक संजालहरु मार्फत हामीले यहाहरु सबैलाई कार्यक्रमको बिस्तृत जानकारी गराइरहेका छौ। 
यदि तपाई कुनै पनि नेपाली संघ-संस्थाहरु,दाजु-भाई तथा दिदी-बहिनीहरु ले हाम्रो निमन्त्रणा प्राप्त गर्नु भएको छैन भने यसैलाई आधिकारिक निमन्त्रणा मानि आफ्ना साथी-संगी, छर-छिमेक सबै तिर यस सम्मेलनको जानकारी गराउदै यहाहरु सबैको सपरिवार उपस्थितिको निमित्त हार्दिक अनुरोध गर्दै सादर निमन्त्रणा गर्दछौ। 
सम्मेलन स्थल: 5550 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018 @ Hilton
सम्मेलन को बिस्तृत जानकारी का लागी:
बाला घिमिरे
कन्भेनर, नेपाली नेशनल कन्भेन्सन, शिकागो – २०१८

तथा आयोजक सँस्था अध्यक्षहरुबाला घिमिरे (आन्मा), माधव ढकाल (नासा), मेदिनी अधिकारी (एएनए)   

सेक्रेटेरिएट: डा. दिवाकर दाहाल (आन्मा), कृष्ण श्रेष्ठ (नासा), विजयराज भट्टराई (एएनए) 

ANMA/NASeA/ANA Press Release and Invitation

Press Release and Invitation: Date: 7/28/2018 

Nepali National Convention 2018 (ANMA, NASeA, ANA) 
Greetings from the Nepali National Convention 2018 Chicago, IL.

It is our immense pleasure and honor to invite you, friends and family to the Nepali National Convention 2018. Please extend our formal invitation to everyone within your reach.

The convention is being hosted by Association of Nepalese in Mid-West America (ANMA), Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) and Association of Nepalese in the Americas (ANA) and other local Nepalese organizations on Labor Day weekend (Aug 31 -Sept 2) 2018 at Hilton Rosemont/Chicago O’Hare, IL, USA.

The National Convention with the theme being “Unity for Nepalese Community” is trying to bring and unite together hundreds of key members of the Nepali Americans from across the States as well as from Canada. We are planning to discuss the wide range of issues but not limited to
Ø Nepal Forum- the Panel discussion on Nepal centric contemporary issues
Ø Movie festival/award with noted and reputed artists coming from Nepal
Ø Expert presentations from different professionals including immigration, health, research and other areas of interest
Ø Cultural program from locals and other convention participants
Ø Concert show with popular singers from Nepal
Ø Job fair with possible onsite screening and Vendor show
Ø Investment and Tourism forum with relevant expertise from USA and Nepal

Few direct useful links for convention programs

Direct link for Vendor booth ($500 per table) if you want to advertise your business and work The table will be provided on the lobby, passage or in a separate room depending upon the participant,…/

Registration Direct link for Convention

Sponsorship direct link ( Any level of support is greatly appreciated)

For more information about our program please visit our convention site

The document which briefly explains the convention and downloadable from…/Convention-Sponsorsh…

and on a Facebook page “Nepali National Convention 2018”.

Host Organization Presidents,

Mr. Bala Ghimire: President, ANMA
Mr. Madhav Dhakal : President, NASeA
Mr. Medini Adhikari: President, ANA