15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

Announcement, News

Synchronized Blood Drive on Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Dear NASeA Community Members and beyond,

I invite you to join the great cause along with the ‘Blood Donors of America’ and  different Nepali organizations in our regularly occurring joint blood drive. It Not only encourages emotional and physical health, one pint can lead to three lives being saved. So, I request you to consider a contribution.

Rather than a single event, we have decided to band with the BDA and hold synchronized events across multiple states and platforms. We hope that our individual effort will be able to culminate into a much larger outcome.

Let us publicize this event for the greater good!

1. South Carolina
    South Carolina Association of Nepalese ((SCAN)
    Time: 10.00AM – 2.00PM

2. North Carolina     
    Time: 1.00PM – 6.00PM
3. Georgia
    Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG)
    Haveli Indian Cuisine
    Time: 11.00AM – 5.00PM
4. Alabama
    UAB Medical Center, Blood Donor Center
    Time: 10.30AM – 4.00 PM
5. Florida
    Time: 12.30PM – 6.00PM
    BDA Lubbock Team and Nepalese Community
    Vitalant Blood System
7. Colorado
    Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal
    Boulder Donation Center,
    Time: 10.00AM – 4.00PM

Madhav Dhakal
President, NASeA