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Requesting application for scholarship award for Eric Lu, and Chinese American Lions Club of Atlanta Scholarship managed by APAC-GA

Respected Parents/Students of Georgia, Greetings!

NASeA Youth Scholarship Ad-Hoc committee is requesting for application for annual APAC-GA scholarship awards. The committee will select one candidate to represent Nepali community from Georgia. Selected candidate’s essay will be submitted to APAC-GA to enter for scholarship program(s) as given below.

Please submit your application to NASeA Youth Scholarship Ad-Hoc committee via email at Scholarship@NASeAOnline.org by March 16, 2016 Midnight Eastern Time. Upon selection, you will be asked to fill in the final APAC-GA Application.

Scholarship Description & Rules:

  1. Applicants must be resident of Georgia (APAC decided to accept applicants only from Georgia this year) 
  2. Apply by submitting application Click here for Application
  3. Essay should follow Rubric Click here Rubric
  4. Applicants will be judged on their overall academic achievement, leadership qualities, extra-curricular involvement, community service, established essay grading rubric, and the following guideline set by APAC-GA.
  5. APAC-GA will be awarding two separate special scholarships of One Thousand Dollars each ($1,000.00) at APAC-GA’s 31st Annual Unity Gala on Saturday, May 7, 2016.
    • 2016 Eric Lu Scholarship
    •  2016 Chinese American Lions Club of Atlanta Scholarship
  6. These scholarships are meant to support the college education of deserving Asian American high school students who are about to graduate and enter college.
  7. All APAC-GA member scholarship winners in 2016 are eligible to apply for these two separate scholarship awards. Candidate must be physically present for the event to receive award.
  8. ESSAY must not exceed 500 words. There are two essays, one for each scholarship. Please write the essay for the scholarship(s) you are applying for. If you are applying for both, please write both essays and clearly indicate the start and finish for each separate essay.

Essay #1:  Eric Lu Scholarship Award

Essay Theme:  Jimmy Carter, our past president, dedicated his life by developing the Carter Center to advance human rights in order to develop greater unity in social interaction across the world. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, gave up 99% of his Facebook shares to charity. Rather than using that money to relish in worldly things, he’s putting aside luxury for the sake of others. Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada, who pursued the prestigious career as a neurosurgeon, placed his life on hold for one year to serve the community as the International Lions Club President. Sacrifice is the willingness to put aside one’s own benefit for the greater good. Regardless of an individual’s ranking or social standing, these are countless prime examples of people sacrificing their needs for the sake of humanity.

Do you recall a time where you had to sacrifice something, and how have these sacrifices come to define you as an individual?

Essay #2: Chinese American Lions Club of Atlanta Scholarship Award

Essay Theme:  As a nation of immigrants offering opportunities  for anyone who is willing to work hard to achieve acceptance and success, what are your thoughts concerning providing safe haven for refugees from around the world who are seeking escape from danger and oppression?

NASeA Youth Scholarship Ad-Hoc committee Members/Judges:

      1. Manoj Jha, Ph.D. Chair, Academic and Professional Committee, NASeA
      2. Uttam Gaulee, Chair, Education and Entrepreneurship Committee, NASeA
      3. Dr. Niroj Basnet, Chair, Youth Empowerment Committee, NASeA
      4. Sushama Pradhan, Ph.D. President, Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC)
      5. Damu Dongol, President, NAG

Please spread the news and encourage your children to submit the application along with the supporting essay, and take an advantage of this college entering opportunity. Best of Luck!

With Respect,

Shailendra Bajracharya
Executive Vice President, NASeA
Project Lead, NASeA Youth Scholarship Ad-Hoc Committee