16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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NASeA Press Release

Respected community members

Good evening

On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA), we hope all our respected community members are safe with their respective families during this pandemic. We are also observing many demonstrations with civil unrest in many major cities of America in recent days . We have been hearing about many clashes between protestors and the security forces in many locations in the United States of America .

NASeA is always in favor of PEACE at all the times everywhere .NASeA is always advocating for the prevailing of justice everywhere all the times in any case . NASeA always supports the preservation of human rights and condemns any kind of brutality and discrimination on basis of race , color , sex , religious or belief , political ideology , caste and social class . NASeA also strongly supports and honors the constitution of all states and America including the freedom of speech , press, expression and peaceful assembly to protest on any controversial issue(s) . In the name of peaceful demonstration, NASeA strongly condemns any kind of unlawful activities . Any one who is found guilty legally must be punished immediately as per the laws of that respective nations. NASeA is always in against of any kind of racism anywhere in the world.

United We stand Divided We Fall !

Thank you
Binaya Aryal , President,

Krishna Shrestha, General Secretary

03 Jun 2020