16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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2017 Help Support Victims of Flood in Nepal


Help Support Victims of Flood in Nepal: 
Please click the link and extend your support now:

Collected and Pledge amount as of 8/19/2017 4PM EDT
Date Donor Amount Note
13-Aug-17 NASeA ( released by President Bimal Nepal) $499.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Sunita Gautam $20.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Bimal Jha $30.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Arun Amatya $100.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Prakash Malla $101.00 Pledged
14-Aug-17 Arun Shrestha $51.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Ambika Lohani $51.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Tek Thapa $100.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Pralad Shah $50.00 Paypal Paid
15-Aug-17 Udhav Karki $51.00 Paypal Paid
15-Aug-17 Khushi Ram Tiwari $51.00 Pledged
16-Aug-17 Manish Shakya $55.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Bimal Nepal $101.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Shaubhagya Shrestha $101.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Dr Niroj Basnet $55.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Shailendra Bajracharya $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Yogeshor Karki $25.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Shiva Bista $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Krishna Devkota $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Narendra Baral $25.00 Pledged


Respected Nepalese Community members in NASeA region and beyond,
On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) we express our heartfelt condolence for loss of precious lives due to recent flood in several Terai districts of Nepal. Thousands of people and their livelihoods have been effected by this flood. Once again, our beloved motherland Nepal faces a crisis of Natural disaster and we all need to extend our support. 
To overcome this situation, NASeA pledges $499.00 (Four Hundred Ninety-nine dollars) and generously requests you all to be part of this fundraising effort.
To help and support Nepal Flood Victims please click the link above:
This is time sensitive and all collected fund within a week i.e. August 19, 2017 together with NASeA contribution of $499.00 will be released immediately to Help Nepal Flood Victims through Nepal Red Cross or other reliable agencies working at local level.   
With this note, I encourage all NASeA Officers, Advisers, Former Presidents, Advisers, Life Members together with International/National/Regional/State/Students/Community Organisations Presidents, Social leaders to spread this NASeA- Help Nepal Flood Victims announcement to your respective region and help us generate the fund for this great humanitarian task. 
Finally, on behalf of NASeA, I request to help and support our motherland Nepal.
Always for Nepali American Community and Friends of Nepal!
With Respect,
Bimal Nepal,
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)