15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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Press release!

Dear Nepalese Association in Southeast America Community Members and beyond,

Please be advised that NASeA’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Sushil Nepal, has submitted his notice of resignation from his position on December 18, 2018 . The President has accepted his resignation on December 18, 2018 and the NASeA board has ratified the President’s decision on […]

Press Release!

Dear NASeA Community Members and beyond, The Board of Directors of NASeA has voted to restore Mr. Sushil Nepal to membership in NASeA. Upon the restoration of his membership, Mr. Nepal will resume the position of Executive Vice President through the remainder of his term of office. Mr. Nepal has dismissed the law-suit that he […]

Talk Program with Veteran Singer Robin Sharma

NASeA remembers Late President George HW Bush – May his departed soul rest in eternal peace !

Dear respected community members, NASeA Region and beyond Good Morning

It is with the heavy hearts and saddest condolences that we have to accept the passing of our late 41 st President of United States of America George HW Bush. Regardless of affiliation, President Bush was an exemplary gentlemen and political leader. He was […]

शुभ दिपावली ,नेपाल संम्बत ११३९ , म्ह पूजा तथा छठ पर्बको शुभकामना!!!

शुभ दिपावली ,नेपाल संम्बत ११३९ , म्ह पूजा तथा छठ पर्बको शुभकामना !

आदरणीय सबै मित्रहरू तथा सपरिवारमा !


नेनेपालिज एसोसियसन ईन साउथईष्ट अमेरिका ( नासा ) को कार्यसमिती , सबै पूर्बाध्यक्ष ज्यू तथा पूर्ब कार्यसमिती हरू , सबै सल्लाहाकार गण , सम्पूर्ण आजिबन तथा साधारण सदस्य ज्यू हरू तथा सम्पूर्ण शुभ […]

Second Monthly Talk Program with Ms. Sunita Danuwar

To NASeA Community and beyond;

NASeA’s Public Relation Committee is proud to announce its second Monthly talk program. This month we have a distinguished guest from Nepal, Ms. Sunita Danuwar, A proud winner of “TRAFFICKING IN PERSON HERO AWARD-2018” awarded by US Department of State. let us welcome her to share her experience and life […]

Winner of Nepali National Convention 2018 Essay Contest

Nepali National Convention 2018 essay contest has just been completed and winners of this year are:

Position Elementary School Middle School High School First Bisikha Dhungel – AB, Canada Safal Sapkota – NB Smarika Nepal – FL Second Sneha Kharel – MN Apekshya Pokharel – AB, Canada Muskan Khadka – NC Third Nirbirodh Timalsina […]

Winner of 2018 Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award

Winner of 2018 Dr. Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award

Congratulations! Deepali Singh from Greenacres, Florida for being the recipient of $2500.00 of 2018 Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award.

On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) together with NASeA Academic Committee Chair Dr. Manoj K. Jha and the Executive members, it is […]

Discounted rate for NASeA’s Life Membership ! Deadline is 02 September 2018 !

Dear NASeA Community Members, NASeA Region and beyond


It has been a very exciting first year for NASeA executive committee ( 2017-19 ) with notable quality good works. To mention a few included “Kambal” distribution ” one for one ” program for the people of Terai region effected by “Sitlahar”, help for medical […]

Call for Application for Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award 2018

Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award 2018 $2,500 Awarded on the basis of student’s financial need Managed by Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

This scholarship was established by Dr. Prahlad and Mrs. Bindu Pant in 2013. It is awarded annually to “one” student on the basis of the financial needs of the student […]