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Call for an Essay Contest Visit Nepal 2020

Respected Community Members , beloved Students and respective parents ! 

NASeA region and beyond 


Call for an Essay Contest on “ Visit Nepal  2020 “ 

On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America ( NASeA ) , it is my immense pleasure to let you know all again that NASeA has officially endorsed “ Visit Nepal Year 2020 “ event . It had announced 19 points various events to promote VNY 2020 here in America . 

Out of these various events , ESSAY CONTEST on “ Visit Nepal 2020 “ is one of the very important,  informative and attractive event . Our Joint Secretary and committee chair of “ Women’s and Children Committee “ Ms Rama Ghimire is coordinating this event . All details about this event is attached . Main important info of these attachments are :

  1. Essay will be written in English on the topic “ Visit Nepal 2020 “ for this contest . This contest is open for all without any geographical boundary .
  2. Maximum words for the essay is 1500 . Words on Title and Bibliography will not be counted .
  3. Deadline date to submit essay is 1159 PM of 29 Feb 2020, Saturday.
  4. Winners will be announced on 09 March 2020, Monday .
  5. Essay can be submitted in any of two categories. General Group ( all except student group ) and High School and college Students Group ) .
  6. Judgement of Judging Committee is FINAL. 
  7. First , Second and Third winners of both categories will receive cash prizes of $ 250, $ 150 and $ 100 and certificates .
  8. Essay need to be submitted in provided email in announcement “ vny2020.essay@naseaonline.org “ and copy to Ramadhungel@yahoo.com in  pdf format .
  9. Essay Writer’s name , address , phone number , email ID and single PP size photograph is required .

VNY 2020 committee and the NASeA’s executive committee expresses the sincere thanks and appreciate to all following sponsors for their support and contribution for the cash prizes .

  • For the TWO first prizes of $ 250 each for both categories 
  1. Sita , Sachin and Puja Nepal form Florida  in the memory of late Dr Shiva Nepal 
  2. Suresh Wagle from Boston 
  • For the TWO second prizes of $ 150 each for both categories 
  1. Dinesh and Laxmi Khatiwada from Florida 
  2. Keshab Baral from Virginia 
  • For the TWO third prizes of $ 100 each for both categories 
  1. Mani Paneru from California 
  2. Babu Subedi from North Carolina 

All community members and respective parents of students  are kindly requested to be part of this event and encourage your respective students to take part in this essay contest. NASeA also requests to all media and various organizations to spread this announcement in your respective groups and encourage all to participate in this contest .

Thank You 

Krishna Shrestha 

General Secretary 


22 January 2020 


Additional Information:


Nepal is celebrating the year 2020 as a national tourism year as “Visit Nepal 2020” with a target of bringing two million tourists to Nepal. NASeA has officially endorsed and tried to promote Visit Nepal 2020. It is our pleasure to announce that NASeA is organizing an essay contest on “Visit Nepal 2020” in to attract more tourists to Nepal.

This contest is open for two different groups of authors: General group, open for all, and College and High School Students. However, any interested contestant can write essay on any of these categories.  The authors are to submit their essays in pdf form to vny2020.essay@naseaonline.org. The goal of these contests is to highlight Nepal throughout the world and to promote the Nepalese government’s vision to develop Nepal as major tourist destination. The documents should be limited to 1500 words with plenty of pictures.

General Category: The essay in the general category should highlight major tourist attractions in Nepal, and should be informative and persuasive in order to promote the Visit Nepal 2020 initiative, and include any recommendations to the specific destinations and their specialties.

High School and College Students: The intent of this essay is to introduce Nepal and its rich natural, cultural, biological, and historical heritage to universities and schools.  Many universities and colleges offer study abroad programs. This category essay should promote academic programs such as study abroad, service learning courses or the student exchange to Nepal from different universities and schools.

An official panel will be judging the essays and the committee’s decision will be the final decision. First, second, and third of each category will be awarded by 250, 150, and 100 dollars respectively. The essay will be published in the NASeA publication, Shangri-La on Visit Nepal Special edition.

Judging criteria:
1. Scope of research (40%) 2. Originality (20%) 3. Organization of content (10%) 4. Logic development (10%) 5. Completeness (10%) 6. Reference and links (10%)


Essay submission deadline – Saturday, February 29, 2020 Winner announcement – Monday, March 9, 2020.



If you have any question, please reach out to the essay contest coordinator  Rama Ghimire at vny2020.essay@naseaonline.org or Ramadhunel@yahoo.com.

Essay Contest Sponsors

1st Prize – Sita, Sachin and Puja Nepal in Memory of Dr. Shiva Nepal from Florida 1st Prize – Suresh Wagle from Boston  2nd prize – Dinesh and Laxmi Khatiwada from Florida 2nd prize – Keshab Baral from Virigina 3rd prize – Mani Paneru from California 3rd prize – Babu Subedi from North Carolina