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Move on from darkness to light! – Talk Session with Buna Dahal on Sept 30 at 11am EST

The Public Relations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)
Would like to invite you All to the September 30, 2012 Talk Session over the phone (Free Conference Call)

On the topic:

Move on from darkness to light!

Date: Sunday, Sept 30, 2012

Time: 11 AM Eastern Time
Venue: Conference Call

Conference Phone: 218-339-2500
Pass Code:139004#

Please do not miss out this important interactive session with Buna Dahal. Following this talk, we will take questions.

You can also e-mail your questions prior to the talk session to NASeA Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ram C. Baral, at

Buna Dahal, the Nepalese Helen Keller, has been transforming lives of many for 21 years.

Watch Buna’s Interview with Tom Mustin on CBS Channel 4 News below:

Successful executives have applied her strategies toward personal and career growth. Fortune 50 mindsets come from discipline, drive, and detachment. Applying self with an open hand and a quiet heart is true leadership. Buna Dahal will guide you to realize your aspirations.

The historic picture of employment for the blind and visually impaired was more akin to parking a human mind than to empowering an individual to achieve their career goals. For seven consecutive years Buna Dahal –the employment specialist at the Colorado Center for the Blind– placed 85% of her clients in rewarding positions through the competitive job market. They are working, paying taxes, and climbing according to their own merit.

A child born blind in Nepal soon encounters the boundaries of low expectations. This precocious child, Buna at age five, pushed against those boundaries and lead her own parents to the doorstep of the Provincial School for the Blind in Dharan. Thus initiating a personal trajectory that found her in the United States as a scholarship student at the Overbrook International school at age 18, Columbia College in Chicago at 26, invited to present an empowering speech at the United Nations in March 2007, and Regis University School of Professional Studies earning her Masters just before her 38th birthday.

At an early age Buna realized that she had a dream… not just to survive but to live. She had a desire to spread her wings because she knew there is much more in life than just existing. Today Buna Dahal lives her life with confidence and ambition by inspiring others across the globe.

Visit her blog where she speaks and writes about noble leadership, carving out your profession, unraveling boundaries, and the American Spirit.

Leadership Highlights:

VSA Colorado, Board of Directors, 20