16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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NASeA’s appeal to all community members to be alert and vigilant with hurricane IRMA and proudly offer the help including the shelter facility !


Respected community members , 


We all are aware with hurricane IRMA which is forecasted to be category 4 in Florida and will hit south Florida in coming Sunday /Monday and will move north afterwards . This would be a powerful and deadly which can make a catastrophic damages . Many locations of south Florida are already ordered for mandatory evacuations and rest of the locations are also highly recommended either to be self evacuated or use Shelter . 

NASeA has coordinated with the other state organizations including NAG ( Georgia ) , NCNC ( North Carolina ) , NAF ( Florida ) , NANA ( North Alabama ) , ALNA ( Alabama ) , SCAN ( South Carolina ) and TNCC ( NC, Triad ) to help the needy community members .The willingness to help in such a situation by the presidents of all above mentioned organizations are highly appreciated . In this anticipated life threatening difficult situation , President Madhav Dhakal jee and the entire  NASeA executive board would like to request to all community members to be more vigilant and alert to protect yourself and families . NASeA also advises to follow all possible maximum precaution and safety measures , and to be away from danger zone . 

NASeA also offer any kind of help to the needy community members including the shelter facility in our regions. Any of our newly elected executive board members, all state organizations  and other volunteers are more than happy to help and ease this difficult situation to our community members . 

All of you are kindly requested to contact following for any kind of help .Please do not hesitate to contact . A google document is also attached to sign up by host who is interested to provide shelter ( lodging ) facility and by guest who needs lodging facility .


  1. In North Carolina area – Madhav Dhakal , High point. Dial # 3364714709
  2. In South Carolina area – Satish Gupta . Dial #  9194555151
  3. In Georgia Area – Ambika Lohani Sharma . Dial # 6789231064
  4. In Alabama area – Dr Suman Silwal . Dial # 2058377728
  5. In north Alabama Area – Madhav Mainali – Dial # 2566532205 
  6. In Tennessee area – Dr Binita KC . Dial # 3015386943
  7. In Florida area – Krishna Shrestha . Dial # 5613100694 
  8. In Florida area – Ram Thapa. Dial – 5613139721

NASeA pray for the safety of all affected community members ! May God bless all ! 

Stay safe ! 


Krishna Shrestha

General Secretary 

NASeA( 2017-19)