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Final List of the Candidates ( NASeA Election 2023)

Respected NASeA Voters,


As per NASeA Election Committee 2023 announced Timeline ,we are pleased to publish the Final List of the Candidates for the NASeA Election 2023 duly completing the process of verification and withdrawal requests.

Published: The Final list of Candidates:


Dr. Suman Silwal, AL

Mr. Shiva Bista, NC

EVP: Mr. Satish Chandra Gupta, SC Unopposed

VP: Mr. Ramesh (Sangam) Baniya, TX Unopposed

General Secretary: Mr. Nishant Aryal, GA Unopposed

Joint Secretary: Dr. Shankar P. Parajuli, MA Unopposed

Treasurer: Mr. Kumar Bhandari, GA Unopposed

Members: All Board Members Unopposed

  1. Mr. Nilkantha Subedi, VA
  2. Mrs. Bimala Adhikari, NC
  3. Mrs. Kalpana Bhattarai, GA
  4. Mrs. Kusum Baral, SC
  5. Mr. Pranaya Lama, GA
  6. Mr. Jay Narayan Sah, GA 
  7. Mr. Bipin Kumar Mahato, GA
  8. Mr. Manoj Rai, NC
  9. Mr. Ramesh Gurung, CO
  10. Mr. Ram Parajuli, GA
  11. Dr. Manoj Jha, NC

For the Final List of the Candidates published names detail and their candidacy status please visit NASeA website:

Stay tuned and follow the entire election process as announced on August 15, 2023 which is as follows: 

 Election Campaign- August 28-30, 2023:

~All candidates are advised to perform their election campaign during this time frame.

End of election campaign- August 30:

~Election campaign ends by Wednesday, August 30 by 11:59 PM. All Candidates are advised to strictly follow this protocol.

Election date – September 2, 2023 from 3 PM to 7 PM

~NASeA Election for Officers 2023-25 will be held on Saturday, September 2, from 3 PM to 7 PM prior to fulfilling the following obligation and guidelines set by the executive committee.

As officially announced and approved by NASeA Executive board meeting held on August 14, 2023 the NASeA Executive Committee Election 2023 entire election process will be tabled to the NASeA AGM which will be held in Labor Day weekend for the ratification. Upon the approval NASeA Election for the Executive 2023-25 will be held by secret ballot. NASeA Election Committee 2023 firmly stands to reinforce the guidelines as approved by the executive committee and the By-Laws to conduct free and fair elections.

Result announced together with Installation ceremony- Saturday, September 2nd 2023:  

The Election committee 2023 extends special thanks to all the candidates for being the integral part of this election process. As always we look forward to conducting free and fair election abiding NASeA By-Laws and look forward to having all concerned party’s full cooperation.



NASeA Election Committee:

Bimal Nepal, Chair

Binaya Aryal, Member

Bidya Gurung, Member