15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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Congratulation Newly Elected NCNC Executive Board

Respected Mr Rabindra Karki  Jee,


And the entire newly elected executive board ,

Nepal  Center of North Carolina (NCNC)

On behalf of NASeA executive committee, It is our immense pleasure to know that new executive committee of NCNC under your leadership for the tenure of 2020-21 is elected on the first time historic election in the history of NCNC on 07 Dec 2019  .On behalf of NASeA executive committee and its entire family , we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the entire newly elected executive board of excellence as under and wish you all a very productive and successful tenure .

NCNC  Executive Committee 2020-21

1.President – Mr Rabindra Karki
2.Senior VP – Mr Ram Poudel
3.Vice President- Mr Kamal Kafle
4.Executive Secretary- Mr Yogendra Gautam
5.Joint Secretary- Mr Ananda Ghimire
6.Treasurer – Mr Shiva Bhattarai
7.Board of Director – Ms Bhagabati Neupane
8.Board of Director- Mr Laxmi Nath Poudel
9.Board of Director – Mr Dharma Raj Pantha
10.Board of Director -Mr Prem Kumar Pradhan
11.Board of Director-Mr John Poudel

As usual in the past, NASeA as a regional organization had always been working with this prestigious organization together for the benefits and many common agenda of our community . NASeA and NCNC have always been instrumental to each other’s success through their respective help, cooperation, coordination and many partnerships for community oriented activities . It is always imperative to recall that NCNC had hosted two NASeA’s solo conventions in 2001 and 2004 , and one NASeA / ANMA Joint Convention In 2009 . NASeA has also been continuously supporting and actively participating in Nepal Day Parade every year  since the recognition of this day in 2017 and also participating in Run4Nepal event organized by NCNC . Again , our executive committee is eagerly waiting to work more closely together with your newly formed executive board in the days ahead .

NASeA executive board would like to thank the immediate past president of NCNC Dr Batu Sharma  and his team of excellence for the successfully  completion  of their tenure .NASeA also would like to thank and appreciate the Election Committee  chaired by NASeA’s former President Dr Narayan Rajbhandari who conducted this first time historic election In the history of NCNC in a fair , neutral , transparent , professional and democratic way .

Always for the community !!!

Thank you


Binay Aryal

President , NASeA

Krishna Shrestha

General Secretary , NASeA

10 Dec 2019