16th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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Natasha Lamjung Project

We are proud to support Natasha and her team in Lumjung Project. We are very impressed with her dedication and accomplishments. NASeA is committed to supporting her in her quest to help Nepal.

Brief Summary of the project:

The plan to rebuild Rainaskot, in the Lamjung district began in May 2015 by Natasha Wozniak of New York City and Bibek Kumar natashanatasha
Pandit of Lamjung, starting with just a $100 donation. Now is has turned into the organization Sangsangai, and with the support of people from across the US and organizations such as NASeA, we are scheduled to complete 15 earthquake-resistant  homes and 2 community buildings in time for Gurung Losar on January 1st, 2017. natasha1
After Rainaskot is constructed, the villagers will be able to earn income from the home stay
program in the village.
Our future plans will take us to villages in Gorkha and Kavre to reconstruct and provide economic development for other rural earthquake victims, as we apply what we have learned in Rainaskot.


Here are some links to her project

 NASeA have collected following donations from the community for Natasha-Lamjung project
Name                                Amount
….                                      $….