15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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Call for Application to be Host Organization for 2013 NASeA ANMA Convention_by Jul 06

Dear NASeA Community,

We invite the Nepalese organizations in the cities, states or universities in Southeast America to submit application to be the host of the 9th NASeA ANMA Convention to be held during Labor Day weekend of 2013 during August 30 -September 02, 2013.

NASeA ANMA convention is one of the largest gatherings of people of Nepali origin in the United States where hundreds of participants from over 35 states, Canada and other parts of the world would join to share, interact and discuss issues and opportunities related to Nepali community, participate in networking, cultural, sports and numerous other enjoyable, informative and educational activities. We have seen an unprecedented amount of interest from various organizations in different cities and states to host the NASeA ANMA convention in 2013. This tells that the value and significance of the convention is being felt in every Nepali community (and beyond) in different corner of southeast and elsewhere in the United States.

For the year 2012, the ANMA NASeA convention in being held in Indianapolis and you could learn about it in the link http://www.jointconvention.org

The host organization of the convention this year is Nepalese Association in Indiana (NAI), in 2011 the host was Nepalese Association in Georgia (NAG), in 2010 the host was Kentucky Nepal Society (KNS) and in 2009 the host was Nepal Center for North Carolina (NCNC).

Beginning this year, we are making the process of selecting the host organization open and competitive so that all would have opportunity to show their ability to host a large convention and take part in the selection process. Nepali organizations in cities and states in Southeast America are highly encouraged to apply to be the host.

Here are the guidelines and considerations for the selection process:

1. The city or state Nepali organization has to be within the realm of southeast America region — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky,Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

2. The host organization need to prepare a 7-10 minute powerpoint presentation and submit it to naseaamerica@gmail.com no later than, Friday, July 06, 2012 covering the following items:
•Brief description of their organization
•Why they believe hosting NASeA ANMA Convention in their city/state would benefit the Nepali community
•List of possible hotels in their city where the convention could be held with information of meeting room, catering, location, access, cost effectiveness etc.
•Their strengths and limitation in organizing a large event in terms of providing volunteers and other support and how they plan to improve on their limitations

NASeA executive committee will review the presentations and would invite them to present via webinar on Sunday, Jul 15 beginning at 3 PM Eastern Time in the following link http://www.anymeeting.com/NASeA1

Each applicant organization would get 45 minutes to present and answer questions in the webinar presentation.

The decision on the host organization will be made by NASeA executive committee, during its regular monthly meeting in third or fourth week of July 2012.

What the organizers (NASeA and ANMA) expect from the selected organization to be the host of 2013 NASeA ANMA Convention?:

1. Help the organizers (NASeA and ANMA) select the best hotel from the perspective of location, comfort and cost effectiveness.
2. Provide volunteers for different activities during the convention including but not limited to sports, cultural program, registration process, raising funds
3. There is no financial obligation to the host organization i.e. the host organizations need not provide financial support, but it should help the organizers (NASeA and ANMA) raise funds.

For any questions or to request information please send an email to naseaamerica@gmail.com or contact me directly in my phone or email below.

Sanjeeb Sapkota
NASeA President