15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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Announcement: NASeA Election Commissioners 2017 

Code of conduct:


Notice about Voting and Vote counting Procedures for NASeA Election 2017:


Certificate, Appointment Notice and Oath for newly elected officers and board:


Respected Candidates and Voters,
Please find below the announcement released by NASeA Election Commission 2017 and be advised to follow the instruction and together let us all be the part of democratic process electing NASeA Officers  2017-2019 and help Election Commission conduct free and fair election. 
For your kind information, upon Candidates and Voters request, on behalf of joint convention 2017 we have requested you all to be the part of “Meet and Greet program for NASeA Candidates” which will be held on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 at 6-7 PM This event will commence after the opening ceremony. Encourage you all to be the part of the opening ceremony as well. 
Important of all let us encourage our family,friends, and Voters to register for the joint convention and together help us plan the event better and make it sucess.  http://jointconvention.org/registration/    
Once again, Best of Luck to you all. 
With Respect,
Bimal Nepal
President, NASeA