15th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention

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NASeA, the Critical Stakeholder of the Successful Convention?

Dear All,

NASeA and its partner ANMA recently concluded another landmark convention of the people of Nepali origin in Indianapolis last weekend (Aug 31-Sep 02) with several sessions, programs, events and accomplishments and vowed to work together for the better for Nepali Community moving ahead www.jointconvention.org. NASeA certainly was a big and critical stakeholder of the 8th ANMA NASeA convention.

I am proud to list contributions that NASeA executives, advisors, former presidents and general members made at the convention that added significantly to complete the circle of success of the convention:
•Over 100 people drove or flew from the Southeast region to the convention, registered and participated in several sessions, sports, activities and interactions to make one of the most successful gathering of people of Nepali origin in the United States.
•Executive member Mohan Bista coordinated the walk and run in the morning for both the days of Saturday Sep 01 and Sunday Sep 02 that many people participated. He and Dr. Lila Bdr Karki arranged the water given out to the participants of the event.
•Vice President Dhana Timilsina was one of the key persons who made ‘100+ participants from the southeast region at the convention’ happen (the other person is Dr. Baral mentioned below). Mr. Timilsina also represetend NASeA at several NRN related activities; he was recognized with NRN partner-certificate and was asked to chair the NRN committee to raise funds that would support Nepali during her or his urgency/emergency. He coordinated the decorative backdrops for the cultural program and its shipment from Nepal.
•NASeA Chair of Community Services Committee Dr. Lila Bdr. Karki was busy, as always, with multiple activities. He coordinated, for the first time in the history of convention, a successful blood drive where many people donated. He organized one of the most successful session ‘Giving Back to Motherland’ where eight different projects gave updates on their endevour to empower people in Nepal including children and women. His committee recognized 10 different emerging social leaders and outstanding community leader who have made significant contributions in their fullest capacity. He will shortly send out the list of those who have received the award.
•Dr. Ram Baral successfully convinced participants from several southeastern states includng South Carolina and North Carolina to participate at the convention. He made substansitve inputs in the general assembly and other sessions in the interest of NASeA.
•NASeA executive Dr. Tilak Shrestha ran the important session on ‘Spirituality’ that were attended by many.
•Executve Member Madhav Mainali donated blood at the convention and provided critical comments and inputs at many sessions, general assembly for NASeA interest.
•Executive member Priti Khatri provided critical support and consultations to the program committee that facilitated the transportation and accomodation of high profile guest.
•NASeA Advisor Dr. Prahlad Pant chaired the General Assebmly, moderated the session of the Nepali Engineers, presented the updates on Prahlad and Bindu Pant Foundation during the session on ‘Giving Back to Motherland’ and provided me with crucial consultations at the convention.
•Other southeasterns who spoke at the ‘Giving Back to Motherland’ session were Bijay Kattel on Abi Kattel Foundation, Binod Parajuli on Ganga Ghar, Bruce and Susan Kennan on Himalayan Children Charities.
•Former president and Advisor Raja Ghale was the key for the success of the concert where he provided not only critical consulations on the artists but also facilitated in their travel and accomodation. Mr. Ghale moderated the session on ‘Nepal Wireless Project’ during which esteemed social worker Mahabir Pun spoke live from Nepal. He also provided valuable inputs at several sessions.
•NASeA advisor Dr. Sushama Pradhan moderated the award ceremony for the winner of the essay competition; NASeA Advisor Dr. Shiva Gautam made remarkable presentation that everyone appreciated; NASeA advisor Gobinda Giri Prerana moderated session on the exploration of federalism of Nepali organizations.
•NASeA treasurer Gobinda Shrestha and executive Vice President Ram Dongol made significant effort in raising funds at the convention for NASeA by going to each individuals and making the case why NASeA needs their generous support. Gobinda Shrestha also made outstanding presentation at the General Assembly on the balance sheet of NASeA of last year.
•The executives and advisors came in the front at the opening ceremony facing the audiences when I invited them during my address to the convention. This allowed everyone to see and know who the ‘working bees’ of NASeA are and what they have contributed in the past year. I also recognized the executives when I spoke at the Women forum and NRN forum.
•Presidents’ presentations: Presidents or representatives of Nepali Organizations in the states, cities or universities of Southeast America made presentation of the activities of their organization during NASeA general assembly and they include Manoj Pradhan representing Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC), Krishna Shrestha representing Florida Chapter of International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), Krishna Pokhrel from Nepalese Community Center of Orlando (NCCO), Madhav Mainali from Nepali Association of North Alabama (NANA).
•Nepali Center in North Carolina’s volleyball team stood second, but considering the distance they travel to take part in the game, they won many other things than the trophy itself.
2013 Convenion and SCAN: Representative from South Carolina Association of Nepalese (SCAN), who was selected by NASeA executive committee last month to be the host of 2013 NASeA ANMA Convention made a powerful presentation at the cultural program promoting Greenville, South Carolina where the convention will be held and inviting everyone next year.
NASeA Booth: NaSeA booth proudly displayed different publications, products and projects related to NASeA. On the wall and at booth table there was the banner of NASeA Five different publications were displayed namely ‘How to organize 5K/2K Walk and Run’, ‘How to Organize Blood Drive’, ‘Guide to Organizing Dheusi/ Bhailo’and Guideline for the safety and security of nepali Employees working at Convenience Store/ Gas Station’. Brochure on Nepal wireless project was displayed as well and some fund raising activities did take place. Adjacent to NASeA booth was the booth by Nepalese Cultural Center of Orlando (NCCO) where NCCO president Krishna Pokhrel, Bikash Devkota and Sri Om raised funds for the Cultural Center in Orlando by selling raffle, the first prize of which is Toyota car.
•Former president Dr. Prakash Malla and Tek Thapa though had to cancel their travel at the last minute due to unavoidable reasons helped in preparing the sessions that they were supposed the moderated and assigned their alternatives. Likewise joint secretary Bimal Nepal, Advisor Tara Pun and General Secretary Sagun who could not attend helped plan their part.
•Chairperson, ANMA President, NAI, and Co-chair of the Convention: The Chairperson of the convention Gopendra Bhattrai, the outgoing ANMA President Rajendra Khatiwada, hundreds of members of Nepalese Association of Indiana (NAI), the host organization of this convention, the co-chairpersons Dr. Ram Baral, Ram Dongol, Dhana Timilsina, Rajiv Shrestha, Sharala Pandey and Ganesh Pokhrel deserve special thanks for their time, efforts and contributions for the success of the convention.

Please see the pictures of the convention posted at NASA facebook



Thank you again to all those who contributed their time, effort and dedication to complete this grand gathering successfully thus making a worthy impact on Nepali community in the United States.

Sanjeeb Sapkota
Nepalese Association in Southeast America