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Nasea Bylaws as of September 05, 2010. View the NASeA Bylaws in PDF format.

Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)



NAME: The name of this organization shall be Nepalese Association in Southeast America (hereinafter called “the Association” or “NASeA”). It shall be a non-profit organization.


  1. To preserve and promote Nepalese culture and values
  2. To advocate for human rights, freedom, and peace.
  3. To serve fellow human beings.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Association:

  1. To promote close cooperation among Nepalese and friends of Nepal in North America, particularly Southeast America;
  2. To preserve and promote Nepalese identity and cultural heritage;
  3. To act as a link between Nepalese living in Southeast America and Nepal for academic, professional, and cultural advancements;
  4. To contribute to the overall well being of Nepalese communities in Southeast America;
  5. To promote educational, social and charitable activities.


  1. There shall be a Board of Directors and Officers (hereinafter called “the Board”) to execute the stated objectives of the Association.
  2. The Board shall be elected by members of the Association.
  3. The Board shall have the authority to form and disband committees, subcommittees, task forces, or similar entities as may be deemed necessary and shall determine the functions and terms of their existence.
  4. The Officers of the Board shall consist of the following:
    1. President (1)
    2. Executive Vice President (1)
    3. Vice President (1)
    4. General Secretary (1)
    5. Joint Secretary (1)
    6. Treasurer (1)
    7. Board (Executive) Members (15)
  5. The election of the Board shall be conducted as stated in these by-laws.
  6. No person shall be eligible to hold office unless he or she:
    1. Has been a member in good standing
    2. Has attained the age of 18 years
    3. Has been a member for at least sixty (60) days immediately preceding the election.
    4. In the case of President, in addition to the above requirements, he/she shall have served as a Board officer for at least one term (2 years).
  7. The term of the Officers of the Board shall be two years.
  8. President shall be eligible to be elected to not more than one term.
    1. Recruit new members, run membership drives, and pursue fund raising activities;
    2. Coordinate with individual members, committees and task forces existing within the Association and with any other Nepalese organizations in Southeast America or elsewhere in North America for furthering the purposes of the Association as outlined in Article II above;
    3. Submit at least a bi-annual report to the Board regarding their activities and projects completed, problems encountered a