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2017 Help Support Victims of Flood in Nepal


Help Support Victims of Flood in Nepal: 
Please click the link and extend your support now:

Collected and Pledge amount as of 8/19/2017 4PM EDT
Date Donor Amount Note
13-Aug-17 NASeA ( released by President Bimal Nepal) $499.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Sunita Gautam $20.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Bimal Jha $30.00 Paypal Paid
13-Aug-17 Arun Amatya $100.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Prakash Malla $101.00 Pledged
14-Aug-17 Arun Shrestha $51.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Ambika Lohani $51.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Tek Thapa $100.00 Paypal Paid
14-Aug-17 Pralad Shah $50.00 Paypal Paid
15-Aug-17 Udhav Karki $51.00 Paypal Paid
15-Aug-17 Khushi Ram Tiwari $51.00 Pledged
16-Aug-17 Manish Shakya $55.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Bimal Nepal $101.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Shaubhagya Shrestha $101.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Dr Niroj Basnet $55.00 Paypal Paid
16-Aug-17 Shailendra Bajracharya $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Yogeshor Karki $25.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Shiva Bista $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Krishna Devkota $50.00 Pledged
18-Aug-17 Narendra Baral $25.00 Pledged


Respected Nepalese Community members in NASeA region and beyond,