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Call for paper from Women’s Committee


Dear Community members , 

I am delighted to share that NASeA/ ANMA Is organizing Women’s Forum in forthcoming Bigger Better Best Ever 13th  NASeA /ANMA joint Convention 2017 ( This is a friendly reminder for August 20th 2017 deadline to submit papers for the women’s forum. This is the place to be this summer where we will have largest Nepali gathering outside of Nepal to meet, have fun and basically to discuss our common goals. Theme for this year is “Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment of Nepalis in America “. As we all know we cannot engagement and preserve our culture and identity if there is no equality. Our today’s Youths are future leaders ! Their each and every engagement impact not only where we reside, all over the world! It is our common responsibility to make Nepali community in USA to be violence free. Violence in any form is not acceptable! Therefore,  Women Forum choose the topics of “Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence” 

NASeA/ANMA Women’s Forum 

Theme: Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence 

Women forum is looking papers on the basic of below listed criteria. We will select three panelists among the best paper presented. There will be one topic and three panelists to speak on different aspects of the same topic. Also, please send your brief bio for the organizer to understand your subject matter expertise in that area. 

Women forum will focus on issues and solutions on the following topics: 

1.The basics of domestic violence (definitions, statistics, effects on children, why people are abusive) and how Nepali community members in USA can respond to domestic violence. 

2.Presents data on its incident, compare the data to South Asian population and then data on Nepalis in the USA. </