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Prahlad & Bindu Pant Scholarship Award

Awarded on the basis of student’s financial needs

Managed by

Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

A. Beginning in 2013, an annual $2,000 (Two Thousand US Dollars) scholarship award has been established by Dr. Prahlad and Bindu Pant. This award is managed and coordinated by Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA).

B. This scholarship is awarded annually to one student on the basis of the financial needs of the student and not on the basis of merit.

C. The scholarship award is open to any freshman or sophomore undergraduate student of Nepali origin (one or both parents from Nepal) residing in the United States, who is a US high school graduate and has been admitted as a full-time student to a US college or university.

D. The selection process involves completing the application form together with all the documents (listed in no. 15 in page 3 of this application form) and the verification of the total annual income of the student and/or the student’s parents.

E. NASeA’s Academic and Professional committee will make the selection on the basis of the financial needs of the applicant, and its decision will be final.

F. Please complete the application form in the next page and submit all required documents listed in no. 15 of page 3 and send it by email ( to Academic and Professional Committee Chair, Dr. Manoj K. Jha. The application deadline is August 13, 2016.

G. The decision on the winner and a runner-up of the award will be made by August 20, 2016 or at the earliest possible date thereafter.

H. The award will be presented during the 12th ANMA/NASeA Joint Convention in St. Louis, MO (September 2-4, 2016) during the cultural program event. The student must be present at the convention to receive the award. Registration fee will be waived. Visit convention website for more information about the convention. In case the winner fails to attend the convention, the award will be given to the runner-up if he/she is present.

I. For questions or information, please contact

Application deadline: August 13, 2016

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