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Notice about Voting and Vote counting Procedures for NASeA Election 2017

From: Election Commission (2017)

Date: August 25, 2017
Subj: Notice about Voting and Vote counting Procedures for NASeA Election 2017
The following voting and counting procedures were decided by a joint meeting of the Election Committee August 25, 2017.
 Election Venue: Room (TBD), Crowne Plaza, Charlotte Executive Park, Charlotte, NC
 Election Date: All voting and counting will be conducted on Sunday, September 3, 2017.
Election results or status will be announced during the evening cultural program.
 Voting Period: Sunday 08:00AM to 4:30PM. Voting will stop promptly at 4:30PM except for those individuals who are already waiting in the line.
 Voter Processing and ID check: 3 (or more) tables will be setup in the hall. Voters will be divided into 3 (or more) groups in alphabetical order of the last name. Each table will be staffed by 3 persons.  ID must be checked and voter must sign the paper before being given a signed ballot paper.
 Acceptable IDs: A voter must present picture ID or combination of one of the following IDs and sign the list before he/she can be issued a ballot paper:
(i) State Issued Drivers license; or
(ii) Passport
(iii) College or university issued photo ID
(iv) other relevant documents like most recent (last 3 months May, June or July 2017 utility bills, credit card bills, phone bills) that can help establish your address as listed during your sign up process.
 Voting Booth: A minimum of 8 tables and 8 chairs for voters will be setup in the room: 4 (or more) at the 4 corners, and 4 (or more) at midway between walls. The ballot box will be setup on a table in the center of the room. One  volunteer will always remain in this room as an observer or to assist anyone needing help.
 Ballot: Two Colored ballots will be used. One ballot will be used for Officers and other Ballot will be used for the Board. Voters should cast the ballot in correct containers which will be clearly marked.
 Counting: Depending on the total votes cast and number of volunteers available Election Commission will determine how many counting groups will be utilized. Each group will count votes independently. For each group, 3 persons will count the votes.
 Results: Counting totals from each will be reported directly to Election Chair ONLY who will tally the votes. Election Chair counting will be further verified one (or both) members of the additional commission. Election results will only be announced later that night in the program.
 Swearing In: Election Chair will conduct the official oath and swearing in of elected officers and election commissioners will issue award and certificates and official appointment letter.