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Notice Date: Friday, August 4, 2017

Election Commission Contact:

Message: We are pleased to announce the preliminary candidates list for the upcoming NASeA election. Please review the list and if you notice either mistakes in your name or the position you are seeking, then please immediately email You can also withdraw from any of the posts you are contesting. Deadline for withdrawal is : Saturday, August 5, 2017 (EST midnight) by emailing .


  1. Shailendra Bajracharya (GA)

  2. Madhav P Dhakal (NC)



  1. Sushil Nepal (NC)

  2. Shiva Bista (NC)

  3. Tara Pun Magar (GA)



  1. Ambika Lohani Sharma (GA)

  2. Dr. Niroj Basnet (GA)



  1. Binaya Aryal (NC)

  2. Baburam Sharma (GA)

  3. Dr. Nirmal Paudel (NC)



  1. Krishna Shrestha (FL)

  2. Saunak Ranjitkar (GA)



  1. Mohan Bista (GA)

  2. Narendra Baral (SC)


BOARD (Executive) MEMBERS (15)

  1. Pratisha Shakya (GA)

  2. Suman Silwal (AL)

  3. Rajendra Neupane (SC)

  4. Manoj Jha (NC)

  5. Ramesh Paudel (TN)

  6. Satish Gupta (SC)

  7. Chakra P Adhikari (NC)

  8. Shankar P Parajuli (NY)

  9. Thakur B Karkee (NC)

  10. Rama D Ghimire (GA)

  11. Binita KC, PhD (TN)

  12. Manoj Kumar Rai (NC)

  13. Sajan Shrestha (SC)

  14. Chet Bhattarai (NC)

  15. Keshav Neupane (NC)

  16. Namita Ghimire (GA)

  17. Bhim Prasad Timalsina (NC)

  18. Pammi Dhungana (Parajuli) (NC)

  19. Arun Shrestha (NC)

  20. Bishal Bharati (NC)

  21. Saujanya Aryal (NC)

  22. Manish Shakya NC)

  23. Prashim Poudyal (NC)

  24. Yogeshor Karki (GA)

  25. Binaya Aryal (NC)

  26. Krishna Raj Devkota (GA)

  27. Bidhya Gurung (GA)

  28. Tilak B. Shrestha, PhD (KY)

  29. Manish Das (SC)

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13th NASeA/ANMA  Joint Convention – Call for Volunteer !!

Our 13th convention is around the corner, have you checked the
schedule online and figured out what you want to do ?  Being a
volunteer run organization, it is us and only us who can make this
convention a great experience. So, why wait!!!

Event calendar is available on convention website, please take a
moment to review, and sign up to help. Volunteer Sign up form can be
accessed through the main page(Forms) or directly at Note that there are several
youth volunteer opportunities available for our students as well. All
the participating volunteers will receive a certificate of
appreciation at the end.

Should you have any questions/comments call or email

Binayak Bijukchhe
Joint Convention Volunteer  Committee Coordinator
704 968 3537


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………………………….Call for Nominations…………………….

Board of Directors and Officers
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

July 26, 2017

NASeA’s Election Committee invites nominations from its members to serve as Officers of the Board for a two-year term beginning September 4, 2017.

The nominations are available for the following positions:

· President (1)

· Executive Vice President (1)

· Vice President (1)

· General Secretary (1)

· Joint Secretary (1)

· Treasurer (1)

· Board (Executive) Members (15)

Interested members can either self-nominate or nominate other individuals who are dues paying members of NASeA as of July 4, 2017, including attendees at the 2016 ANMA/NASeA annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri with payment of the full registration fees, or who are life members of NASeA. Nominations must be received by the Election Committee by Thursday, August 3, 2017 for consideration.

Nominations must be submitted by following the guidelines and procedures as described below.

The nominee must:
1. Be a NASeA member in good standing.
2. Has attained the age of 18 years by the filing deadline.
3. Has been a NASeA member for at least sixty (60) days immediately preceding the election.
4. In the case of President, in addition to the above three requirements, has served as a Board officer for at least one term (2 years)

Nomination procedures:

While submitting a nomination, the following procedures must be followed:

1. One individual is eligible to compete for only one position.
2. A nominator can send nomination for one or more positions.
3. The following information about the nominator must be provided:
a. Name:
b. Current mailing address:
c. Valid e-mail address:
d. Verifiable phone number:
e. Member as of July 4, 2017: Yes or No
4. The position or positions being nominated must be clearly specified.
5. The following details for each nominee must be provided :
a. Position contesting or nominated:
b. Name:
c. Current mailing address:
d. Valid e-mail address :
e. Verifiable phone number:
f. Member as of July 4, 2017: Yes or No

6. A statement must be provided by the nominator that, to his/her best knowledge, the nominee is eligible for the position according to the nomination guidelines described above and in the bylaws.
7. Nomination must be submitted no later than August 3, 2017.
8. Nomination must be submitted to the correct e-mail address at:

9. Only nominations sent to the e-mail address in #8 above will be considered by the Election Commission. Any e-mail with questions or comments about the nomination process and election will not be entertained or replied.

10. Preliminary candidate lists will be published on Friday August 4th, 2017

11. Withdrawal deadline for Candidates from various posts. Saturday August 05, 2017

12. Final list of contestant published: Monday, August 07, 2017

For time table and other information about membership, nomination process, and election, please visit NASeA website at

NASeA Election Committee:
Shaubhagya Shrestha, Chair
Raja Ghale, Member
Kiran “Ron” Sitoula, Member

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Important Announcement from Election Commission

Official EC Contact email:
Date: July 22, 2017
Respected NASeA Members,
This is to inform you all that on July 21, 2017 Election Commissions led by Chair  Shaubhagya L Shrestha and NASeA Membership Verification Committee led by President Bimal Nepal had a joint meeting regarding NASeA Membership status of 2017. The outcome of this special meeting officially set up electoral guidelines 2017 for conducting NASeA Executive Committee Election 2017-2019.
Please find below the published NASeA Election 2017 Eligible Voters list.  Please be advised to follow the announced instruction to be the candidates and come to vote with your State issued ID.
No further changes to the list will be made. If you believe you have become valid member of NASeA before July 4th midnight EST, and do NOT see your name please be advised to email and remember to come to the election site with your proper claims and proofs so that the election commissioners can make decision on your case on the spot.
Together we look forward having everyone’s active participations and cooperation in NASeA Election 2017.
We will assure you all that we will conduct free and fair election abiding NASeA By-Laws.
Chair,  Shaubhagya L Shrestha
Member, Raja Ghale
Member, Kiran (Ron) Sitaula
NASeA Election Commission 2017


2017 NASeA Voters list

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