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Code of Conduct

Note: #13 was updated by Election Commission on 8/30/2017

Code of Conduct for the 2017 Elections of the Board of Directors and Officers of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)


This Code of Conduct shall be applicable from the day of its publication to until the results are announced on September 3, 2017.

It shall be MANDATORY for all candidates and voters to comply with the Code of Conduct. Anything not mentioned below, but should the Election Committee, at its own discretion, feel it necessary to enact new such codes to discharge its duly, may modify the Code of Conduct.

1.       Candidates or voters shall conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals and practices outlined in the bylaws of NASeA. At no times, candidates or voters shall claim to speak for the Election Committee.

2.       Candidates or voters shall not be involved in personal attacks toward other candidates, voters, or their close families.

3.       Candidates or voters shall not intimidate, pressure, force, exert undue influence, or monetarily compensate voters or potential voters, and other candidates or potential candidates, to win their votes.

4.       Candidates or voters shall not accept commissions, gifts, payments, loans, and promises of future benefits or other items of value from anyone who has or may seek some benefit from NASeA in return, other than normal gifts that are in keeping with friendship and/or family relationship.

5.       Quiet Period: Candidates or voters shall not conduct any election campaigns, solicitation of votes on the day of election within and outside the venue of the election starting at 5 am – until the results are announced.

6.       The Executive Board or any individual member of the Executive Board shall not interfere or exert any undue influence on the Election Committee.

7.   A candidate or voter shall have the right to file a complaint with evidence against another candidate or voter to the Election Committee if he/she believes that the other candidate or voter is in violation of the Code of Conduct. The complaint and evidence(s) may be emailed to the Election Committee at its email address