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NASeA Outstanding Social Leaders of 2012

Amid a ceremony at the ANMA-NASeA Convention, the Community Services Committee of NASeA recognized the following eight individuals as Emerging Social Leaders and one Outstanding Social Leader of 2012 for their outstanding contributions to the Nepali Communities/Diaspora in the USA and back home in Nepal.

Dr. Lila Bahadur Karki, the Chairperson of the Community Services Committee and the Executive Member of NASeA, briefly highlighted their commendable accomplishments and Sanjeeb Sapkota, President of NASeA, handed out plaques to the recognized social leaders. On behalf of NASeA, we congratulate our outstanding social leaders and expect even more services to the community in the following years as well.

NASeA Emerging Social Leaders of 2012:
1. Shailendra Devkota, President, NCNC

In a short involvement with NCNC, he has demonstrated his dynamic leadership to heighten Nepali identity in the NASeA region and beyond. He has provided Nepali communities, specifically NCNC members, with a feeling of being at home in Nepal by implementing so many wonderful activities:NCNC Members’ Contact Office, Nepali School, Radio Mirmire, Sangalo Newsletter, Monthly Movie Show, Blood Donation Drive (the highest number of donors in NASeA region so far), Satsang, and many other commendable activities that have truly adhered the majority of the Nepali under the single umbrella of NCNC.

2. Sangita Dongol, Chair, Children and Youth Committee/Coordinator, Atlanta Nepali School, Georgia

She is a champion blood donor and a regular volunteer and has been working hard to promote and teach Nepali language, culture, and moral education through the Atlanta Nepali School, leading NASeA’s very first children and youth committee to reach out to so many young talents to prosper through children to children webinars, and is also a Satsang organizer who focuses on women’s groups, and also a proven fund raising activist for NASeA.

3. Choonamani Khanal, General Secretary, FANS, INLS, Editor in chief of Voice and Sagar Newsletters, Former Information Secretary of FNA, Chairperson, NASeA Publication Committee, Founding Coordinator of Miami Pathsala, Florida

First of all, we wish him a quick and healthy recovery. He is a person with multiple talents, a true social HERO, and a highly dedicated individual who extends generous hands, and a big heart and mind to the needy people in the Nepali community and beyond. He always regards social service a top priority despite his serious health issue of having to carry a big cylinder of oxygen 24/7. No matter which Nepali organization (FANS, INLS, NASeA, FNA, …), his presence is always there. He is also the founder of Kritagya Trust that serves and empowers rural communities in Nepal.

4. Dr. Divya Pradhan, President of NANA, Alabama

She has shown exemplary leadership a