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Donations for Sarita DC

We have closed the donation for this. Thank you everyone who donated to this cause.

Donations for Sarita DC.

Dear friends,

Please help this innocent 11 year girl, Sarita D.C., in Nepal and who has fallen victim of the rare but dangerous disease called ITP (Immune Thrombocytic Purpura) in which her blood system does not produce enough plateletes to effectively counter bleeding. “Without enough platelets, bleeding can occur inside the body (internal bleeding) or underneath or from the skin (external bleeding).” Read more about ITP in this website.
Many Nepalese, individually or organizationally, have come forward to assist Sarita in Nepal financially and morally. Here are videos and links that tells about the girl and her condition.
NASeA advisor in Nepal Goverdhan Shrestha spoke to Sarita’s mother in Nepal who explained that she needs blood transfusion every two week to replenish the amount of platelets in her body. She would require around 30,000 NRs at every session of transfusion. To meet her immediate financial needs for the transfusion, NASeA is raising funds via online donation. NASeA requests you all to donate any amount that you could to help the girl live. For the long term, NASeA is talking with other organizations if sustainable treatment could be sought for her.
Thank you,
Sanjeeb Sapkota
President, NASeA